GamingAPI - Introduction

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Jonas Lagoni

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Back when I was 14, me and some friends started playing Dekaron, or 2Moons as it was called back then, and there I started exploring how I could build my own private server, creating a website that allowed people to register and so on. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but it caught me!

Since then it has always been one of my spare time projects.

Now I want to take that a bit further, and create a platform that enables anyone to easily interact with their or other's game servers. How? With AsyncAPI in the driver seat.

It will enable anyone to quickly get started with interacting with the services and explain how everything works through the open source tools offered by the AsyncAPI community.

I will use this solution as a beacon through what is left to discover with the tools. What don't exist, what need to exist, and what needs to be improved to create an ever better developer experience for the standard.

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